Clay & Brick Technology Features:
• Premium earnings on the 􀁄inal product
• 16000-30000 bricks per shift
• Low maintenance & easy to operate
• No need of experienced or specialized manpower
• Migration of workers is not require

(Raw Material Proportion, Weight, Strength & Water absorption capacity, depends on recipe)

Greenmeks Clay Bricks Machines..

GreenMek Technology & Services is leading manufacturer & supplier of premium quality machinery for clay bricks. Within a short span of time we have designed a rotary type clay brick molding machine which helps reducing labor dependency with the concept of using industrial waste resulting better product. Our facilities include in-house designing, production, manufacturing, quality control, inspection and after sales services. Our
ambition is for the company to become a leading force in manufacturing and supply of building product making machines with high quality after sales services. We manufacture machines with production capacity of 16,000 to 30,000 bricks per shift. We are also providing complete turnkey projects for all other concrete products.


4 Clay Extruder

Clay Extruder

Clay Extruder is a high capacity integrated production system in which the functions of feeding raw materials, mixing and shaping into the brick mould done smoothly with advance high pressing technology – unique and sturdy design having excellent pressing and speed.

5 Clay Brick Rotor

Rotary Clay Brick Moulding

Rotary Clay Brick Moulding with heavy sturdy design for the high output. Rotary clay brick moulding machine gives frog (logo) to the brick and ensures proper size and speedy production.

3.2 Clay Crusher

Clay/Soil Crusher

Clay/soil Crusher with heavy duty rollers to reduce large lumps into smaller sizes for intensive/rapid mixing of different raw materials to prepare homogeneous mixture.

PLC operated Control Panel

Control Panel

The PLC operated Control Panel with excellent design makes machine to run smooth and flawless. Safety features are incorporated to ensure the proper running and high production capacity,

Material Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor heavy sturdy designed belt conveyor to convey the material from stock to
material hopper for uninterrupted production cycle.

2 Clay Mixer

Clay Mixer

Clay Mixer fitted with blades to Reduce the granule size of soil i order to get the homogenous mix to produce good quality bricks with sharp edges.

Rotary Clay Brick Machine